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Why YouClass Learning?

  1. Personalized lesson plan for every student
    At YouClass Learning, we believe each student deserves the best education. Our curriculum for each student is customized based on our professional assessment of the student’s strengths and weaknesses, personality and interests. With this personalized assessment, we design individual study plans best-suited for each student to achieve their full potential.
  2. Specialized Curriculum for International Students
    With our experience and expertise in local and international curriculum, YouClass Learning designs effective lesson plans for every type of examination required for enrollment in different local and international schools. With our training, international students can be confident of their success in enrolling in their dream school.
  3. Experience and Professional teachers
    At YouClass Learning, our professionally trained teachers are experienced with bringing out the best in each student. Our dedicated team of teachers guide each student personally, and provide academic and emotional support so they can grow and learn more effectively.
  4. Small class size
    As research shows, students perform better in all subjects, at all levels in smaller classes. We adopt this strategy in YouClass Learning (one-on-one or 2-8 pax per class). Our focused and intensive approach increase one-on-one time with teachers and help us better cater to the differing needs of each student, allowing them to grow and learn faster.
  5. Engaging and Innovative Class Lessons
    At YouClass Learning, we believe students’ attitudes on learning forms the basis for effective education. Hence, our lessons are designed with interactive and innovative elements to engage each student and develop their passion for learning.